DJ Frans Iradi

DJ Frans Iradi

When playing for a crowd, Iradi intuitively senses the audience and is alert and connected to the emotions that are brought in by the dancers.

Like a therapist, he tunes in, connects, follows and leads. He takes the dancers on a journey to places where they’ve never been before, seducing the audience to go further. Always further into the mystery of the dance.

Iradi selects both bold and sublime musical choices that create a sound that isn’t easily labeled. He mixes all kinds of music into a fresh blend of unique beats, rhythms and melodies, creating a tapestry of music that is captivating, alluring, original and vibrant.

Traveling through various musical landscapes to guide and surprise the audience, Iradi knows how to engage the crowd while remaining in service to the dancer. Leave the mind behind and get the body alive!

Iradi has been involved with Ecstatic Dance Amsterdam since its inception in February 2012. He is now in demand within the Ecstatic Dance Community in different countries around Europe.

He is a resident DJ at the Dutch Nataraj parties and the featured DJ at his own club night in Amsterdam, Iradium.